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WordTracker bills itself as “the ultimate tool to increase your website traffic,” and in this case, they may be right.

A product of Rivergold Associates Ltd., it is definitely a research tool that every PPC advertiser needs to be acquainted with.

At the very least, take advantage of their free trial to see the power behind this product. If you are just beginning to use PPC, the free trial may offer you enough to get you started. You can subscribe later, when your campaign needs to be changed.

WordTracker is a subscription-based product that specializes in reporting the relative popularity and positioning of keywords.

The product provides you with information on keywords related to those you are already using, the number of’ times any keyword has appeared in their database, and typical misspellings.

It also shows how many competing pages exist for your chosen keywords from among the search engines it analyses.

In short, WordTracker is a tool that will help you immensely in choosing keywords that are not only right for your products and services, but are the most advantageous for your particular ad campaign.

It is simple to use, yet the information it provides is quick, accurate, and managed extremely well.

It takes almost all the guesswork out of which keywords are going to be most effective by showing you what keywords people are using when they searching for your type of business.

The website is clean, clear, and attractive. It is filled with information about the product and the company, and offers a quick tour of the features.

A recent addition is a ticker running along the top of the site with today’s most frequently searched keywords.

Although not inexpensive, WordTracker is a tool well worth the expense. A free weekly keyword report shows the top 500 most frequently searched keywords on the Internet, from a database of over 350 million search terms.

You call purchase longer lists if you wish, starting at $99 for the top 20,000 keywords.

If you are new to the PPC market or you are running a small campaign, you can subscribe to WordTracker for as short a period as one day for less than $10.

For those who are more involved or have larger campaigns, WordTracker subscriptions run weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly (maximum cost is about $270).

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with plenty of research to justify their use of metacrawlers as the basis for their database. Tutorials to help you wish with keyword selection cater to every level of Internet marketer.

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