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Why advertisers should use pay-per-click advertising instead of, or in addition to, the marketing methods they are already using

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It may seem that, if search engine optimization (SEO) is conducted properly and thoroughly, it is all you need to guarantee a top-ranking position in search engine results.

Sadly, that is not the case. Even when using the best SEO techniques, your listing is at the mercy of the search engines in terms of where it is eventually placed.

Even though you may have followed all the suggestions, and placed keywords in the proper density and places, once you submit your website you must wait until the next spider crawl before your site will be (hopefully) added to the index of pages on the Internet.

Besides, you are competing with dozens of your competitors for the same top positions. Once you are listed on the search engines, you must continually tweak your SEO to improve your ranking.

One continuing concern raised by webmasters in online forums is that the ranking of their site keeps changing, even though they have not made any changes to their site.

New sites may have been found during the latest crawl of the Internet that the search engine considers more relevant-a key component spiders use in deciding in what order websites are ranked.

To wrap up:

¨      SEO is an extremely important part of online marketing because it can ensure good organic rankings in search engines.

¨      SEO it is only one part of a successful online marketing campaign.

¨      It can take quite some time for your site to show up on search results, and you have no control over its ranking position.

¨      Without a component that ensures placement on the first page of search results, you risk not reaching your potential audience.

Do you think pay-per-click advertising is the most cost-effective and efficient means of online advertising available now?

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