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Who’s Clicking Who

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Who’s Clicking Who is a research tool targeted primarily at detecting click fraud before it decimates your PPC, search engine funds.

Many search engines work on this problem as part of your agreement with them, some more successfully than others.

So, if you suspect a problem but your provider doesn’t agree that there is one, you may wish to use this tool to back up your claim.

This product has an interesting history, in that an individual who suffered from click fraud himself in his PPC campaigns founded it.

Who’s Clicking Who works with all PPC, search engines because you add the code needed to install tracking (as well as placing code on the pages of your site that you want to track).

Even if your PVC search engine already tracks click fraud, you may wish to try out Who’s Clicking Who to compare the two results.

This product tracks clickthroughs in a variety of ways, including IP) address, placing a unique number string (usually via a cookie) in an individual’s browser, as well as tracing time stamps of transaction times, keywords used, and search engines used.

User location and information on the browser and operating system, as well as the name of the PPC, search engine from whence the click came, and the keywords used to reach your site, are also usually available.

As part of your subscription, you will also have access to IP histories in order to catch more subtle forms of click fraud, and you will have the ability to set up custom reports.

One of their products, ClickMinder, is activated after five repeated clicks on your website, sending a pop-up window (which you can customize) to the user informing them they arc being audited, couched in terms that won’t appear threatening if it is a legitimate user, but alerting click-fraud operators that you are monitoring your PPC ads.

Free installation is available, and if you feel you have a click fraud problem, this tool is worth the investment, with a one-month subscription currently costing just under $50 for 50,000 clicks per month.

Additional groups of 10,000 clicks can be purchased for $10 each per month, if you have a lot of traffic on your site. Until PPC search engines completely solve the click fraud problem themselves, PPC users need tools like Who’s Clicking Who to protect their investment.

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