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What to consider when you make a landing page

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Once you’ve chosen your keywords, the next decision you must make concerns which page of your website you want visitors who click on your PPC ad to arrive at.

The First thought of most advertisers is to make this page (called the “landing page”) the homepage of their website, because that seems to be the most logical place to begin exploring the website.


However, in many cases, your landing page should be one that is specifically designed to convince the visitor to purchase your product. Alternatively, it can be the best page on your site.


Your landing page should contain all the significant information (or clear links to that information) that a visitor needs in order to place an order for your product.


It should highlight your product’s best selling points, its unique selling point, how much it costs, how to purchase it, and so on.


In short, it should be a page from which a person can order your product, or be just a click away from the order page.


The landing page is particularly important if you are targeting local searches. In such a case, you should concentrate on who your competitors are even more closely than when targeting general searches.


To make the sale, you must have unique selling points on your landing page that make you look like a better place to buy the product than the store three streets away that is selling the same product.


You can offer special deals on the landing page, time-limited offers, free shipping if you purchase by a certain date-any kind of special incentive you are willing to offer to stop the visitor from leaving without being converted into a buyer.


You can even have a collection of different landing pages, each customized somehow to appeal to a certain segment of your target market or to serve a specific need, such as a seasonal theme.


On a final note, we highly encourage you to test different landing pages using A-B Split Testing techniques.


With this procedure, you choose a landing page that serves as your control and create another one where you change a few words or the layout and you send an equal amount of traffic to each page.


After waiting a couple of weeks for enough traffic to provide sufficient data, see which landing page performed best (A or B).


If the control out-pulled the “challenger,” leave the control and create another landing page to test with.


If the “challenger” performed better than the control, then make it the new standard and repeat the cycle again.


There are tools and services on the market that will track everything for you and provide you with precise reports on every aspect of your experimentation.


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