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What major differences are there between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization

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Many people have difficulty understanding the different parts of search engine marketing.

In a nutshell, it consists of two completely different techniques:



                      SEO (search engine optimization), and

                      PPC (pay-per-click advertising).



Although this article is meant to educate you about the latter, we feel it’s important that you understand what regular search engine optimization is.



SEO is a process of preparing your website and its constituent pages for prime positioning on search engines, using specific keywords. SEO is actually very complex, as it changes on a regular basis.



Some website owners believe that SEO and pay per click are the same process, perhaps because both involve search engines. However, they are completely different and independent types of marketing.



Let’s look into some of the main differences between SEO and PPC:



1.      Purpose-both SEO and PPC are designed to attract traffic via search engines.



Search Engine Optimization-to appear as near the top as possible in the search results for keywords relevant to your website.



Pay Per Click-to instantly attract qualified prospects and leads to your website and convert them into buyers.



2.      Keywords

Search Engine Optimization-one usually wants to target general terms, as they provide the most amount of traffic.



You don’t always have complete control over which keywords will be chosen for your site, nor do you have any control over the ranking you will receive.



Pay Per Click-you have complete control over which keywords are used and their position on the search results page.



You can change the actual ad, as well as set up different ads for different keywords. More specific keywords lead to higher-quality visitors than do general keywords.



3.      End Result

Search Engine Optimization-depending on your keywords and the resulting ranking you receive in the search engine, you attract free traffic to your website.



Pay Per Click-you pay for each visitor you receive, but you can control the number of visitors you get, the landing page to which they are directed, the keywords being used, and other important factors.



As you can see, the two processes arc quite different in techniques, methods, and execution, but the desired end result is the same-to receive quality traffic from search engines.



With SEO, you have less control and are dependent upon your site meeting each search engine’s specific rules whereas with PPC, you can control every aspect of your campaign.






Which marketing technique are you using for advertising your business and why?

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