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Tips on Improving a Local PPC Campaign

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For local search, the usual PPC tips on ensuring that the landing page is one that is designed to encourage a sale (not just take people to your homepage), need to be supplemented. A few suggestions include:

• Include as much local information (phone numbers, city name, etc.) as allowed in your local PPC ad, not just your URL.

• Become more familiar with the types of products/services that are best suited for local purchasing to ensure local search will really improve your ROI and not just add expense to your budget.

Some types of products are more often purchased locally than others. For example, professional Services such as doctors, lawyers, etc. usually do well with local search options, while products/services that consumers are used to purchasing online (such as CDs, movies, etc.) may not.

• Investigate the pay-per-call options that some PPC search engines are now offering, especially if you do not have a website.

Wireless search is next on the horizon, as another way to integrate local search into paid ads if you do not have a website.

• As with all advertising efforts, do some research before you decide which PPC local search engine to go with.

Try some searches on your own for products you would like to buy locally and see how well the results fit your search.

This can help you judge potential results, before you even sign up to try out a new service.

• Ask your PPC representative for assistance on how to make your ad more appealing to a local market.

• Remember that a search engine that only uses IP addresses as a means of tracking local users will not be as accurate as one that uses a geographic method to target them. Be sure you know which method of tracking is being used to deliver local results.

• Figure out what is unique about your product/service compared to the business few blocks away, and then include this information in your local ad to gain further advantage. Examples might include “open 24/7,” a comment on low prices, or free delivery.

Most of all, remember that once you have a local pay-per-click advertising campaign running, you must focus on competing against other businesses just like yours within the same local area.

Therefore, make your local ad as unique and compelling as possible. You must offer something to set your business apart from your local competitors.

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