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The Importance of Tracking

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One really can’t overemphasize the importance of tracking the results of your PPC advertising campaigns.

If you don’t track where your visitors are going on your website, how many visitors came to your site through a particular ad campaign, how many visitors convert into buyers, your ROI, and so on, you cannot be certain if a particular ad campaign is worth continuing or not.

If you are using comparison ad campaigns to see which is most effective, the most important point to remember is to make only one change each time you run a test of the ad.

For example, if you are testing to see which landing page works better, do not test any other aspect at the same time.

If you test more than one aspect at a time, you and your tracking tools will not be able to differentiate between the two and give you a definitive answer on which change led to more effective performance of file ad.

One unforgettable example is from an individual who had a PPC account with one of the major PPC search engines for which he paid almost $1,000 per month for all the various keywords he used.

His sales revenues were quite acceptable, so he knew he was making money from his website.

Naturally, he assumed that most of the sales were coming from his ad campaign on a major search engine, because he believed that lower-cost ads placed on smaller search engines would produce lower results.

It wasn’t until he became aware of ad trackers and ad tracking software that the decided to find out exactly where his sales were coming from.

Using a simple ad tracker, he discovered that the vast majority of his sales were not coming from the major search engine, but instead were coming from the niche search engines, where his product had more appeal to their visitors.

He also discovered that he could drop that campaign altogether because the sales he was getting from the larger search engine equaled the amount of money lie was paying for that ad campaign.

Without a relatively simple form of ad tracking, this individual would have continued believing that “bigger is better,” and that his sales were coming from the larger search engine.

This case also emphasizes, again, the importance of using the tools that are available.

Although this case occurred before search engines provided much data on account activity, and certainly didn’t offer any form of conversion tracking, this individual may have become suspicious a lot sooner if he had investigated the statistics that were available from his search engines.

This example also reiterates the importance at looking at your statistics critically and in person, not just accepting that things are proceeding as they should.

Close scrutiny will allow you to tweak an ad or cancel it before clicks on it drain your account completely.

Luckily, with both PPC search engines and third-party tracking tools competing for the market, the advertiser comes out a winner.

Each side is adding more and more features, many of them free, as they compete for market share among advertisers.

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