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The Consequence of Ad Location on Reader Response

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Researches show that Viewers typically begin looking at a web page by viewing the information in the upper-left quadrant and then tracking left-to-right at a height level comparable to the usual location of PPC ads.

Another interesting finding was that the test individuals preferred ads where the headline and the text of the ad (the blurb) were similar in size and font. Otherwise, they tended to just read the heading and skip the blurb.

Also, of all the types of online advertising tested, text ads (PPC ads are typically comprised of text only) were viewed much more closely than others.

Some sponsored results arc often found at the very top of the search results page. Although these are identified as “sponsored matches” or similar terminology, they are the first listings that the visitor sees and potentially the first that he or she will click on if they are interested in the product.

Other studies have shown that viewers rarely look beyond three pages of listings resulting from a search request, and the vast majority don’t go Past the first page (usually 10 listings).

Therefore, unless the SEO you conducted places you’re listing in the First page of results of a user’s search, you have a relatively small chance of being seen by potential clients.

For these and other reasons, ensuring maximum exposure requires doing more than just relying on SEO and submission to search engines.

You must also consider pay-per-click advertising, which complements and builds upon the elements of SEO in a way that most other advertising methods do not.

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