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PPCBidTracker is a tool from Searchl\MarketingTools.com of RedZoneGlobal, a New Hampshire-based company offering various SEM services.

An automated tracking tool that manages keyword bidding on your ads on 29 PPC search engines, they are an approved partner of Yahoo.

The company also offers other solutions, including ProfitTracker for ROI tracking, ShopTracker for shopping site advertisers, and customized PPC consultation.

There are four key components to PPCBidTracker: BidSleep lets you lower your bids to the engine’s minimums during some days or times of the day.

If phone contact is your primary means of contact with potential buyers, with BidSleep you can set your bids to “sleep” during the times your salespeople are not available, and then re-enter the bidding when they are.

AutoEnhancer manages auto bidding on Yahoo or FindWhat to ensure you do not pay your maximum bid. This tool not only adjusts your maximum bid accordingly, but keeps it hidden from your competitors.

BidCat allows you to categorize your keywords by product, bid price, or many other options.

The BidSaver feature allows you to set up conditions under which the tool will automatically look for rankings that will save you money and not follow the “rules” you set into effect if the result will be a new ranking that is just a little below your competitors, but half the price, for example.

By itself, this tool is only one part of an analytics solution, albeit a fairly robust one. It is relatively expensive, with cost based on a combination of the number of keywords and the number of times per day you want them checked.

Monthly cost can range from $49.95 for tinder 50 keywords checked 6 times per day, to a maximum of 10,000 keywords checked 48 times per day for $9,999.95, for U.S. search engines (Google, Yahoo, FindWhat, Enhance, Kanoodle, ePilot and Searchfeed.

International search engine coverage is a minimum of $39.95/month and a maximum of $1,199.95, but only for some of the Yahoo and Espotting international versions.

PPCBidTracker has been very popular with users in the past, but recent changes that separate tracking and individualized consulting into different products may impact that.

The website is confusing in describing the situation, however. The BidTracker section still includes pages on how it covers ROI tracking and custom solutions, yet they are represented as separate products under different categories.

However, there is a 14 day free trial for either (or both) of their versions, if you wish to look more closely at this product. Keep in mind that it is a relatively expensive tool for its functionality.

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