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Pay-Per-Click Galaxy

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Pay-Per-Click Galaxy is only one of the software products and ebooks sold at MarketingRocket.com and their numerous affiliates by a U.K.-based company called Answers 2000 Limited.

If you purchase this product directly from MarketingRocket.com, you also receive a number of add-ons, including another tool called Ad Calculator and an ebook entitled “Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Other Secrets,” all for $97.

Pay-Per-Click Galaxy’s stated main purpose is to suggest a “massive number of keyword combinations” for the pay-per-click user to bid on for his or her ad campaign. How does it do this?

First, keep in mind that this is merely a tool. You, yourself, have to enter in the different words you want to use in your keyword phrases; what Pay-Per-Click Galaxy does is provide you with all possible combinations of those individual words into keyword phrases.

You can mark some keywords as optional for the phrase, if you wish to. The tool itself generates keyword combinations of all kinds based on your descriptive keywords, usually coming up with hundreds or thousands of short keyword phrases.

The actual number depends on how many keywords you told it were to be always included and which were optional.

This tool is a huge timesaver for busy users because it almost instantly comes up with a list of keyword phrases without you having to go through the manual effort of writing them down all yourself in their various permutations.

The software also has various functions built into it that make it easier to organize keyword phrases for submission to search engines.

The database currently has over 15,000 keywords and 94,000 keyword/phrase relationship listings.

A December 2004 enhancement added the ability to drill further down and receive more keyword choices, based on each of the keywords the tool initially finds for you.

Pay-per-Click Galaxy is really the only independent tool available that automates the process of keyword selection.

All you need to do is pick and choose from the lists generated (based on bid price for these keyword phrases), save the ones you want to use, and submit them to your PPC search engine(s) of choice.

Even though many PPC, search engines now offer a keyword suggestion tool, Pay-Per-Click Galaxy does automate the process more than most.

As well, as an independent product, it can act as a “click:” on your search engine‚Äôs performance in this realm for a relatively low cost.

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