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Niche Pay Per Click Search Engines

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Niche search engines are defined as those that cater to a specific market or industry instead of the general marketplace.

Some of the smaller PPC search engines are in fact niche engines, because they have found that by concentrating on getting advertisers who are all selling related products and services on one search engine, traffic specific to that market area will be highly targeted.

Thus, visitors to niche search engines often are more motivated and more likely to convert into buyers than visitors to general PPC search engines.

Of course, with a niche search engine, pay-per-click advertising may not be as worthwhile, particularly if the engine is small and is not capable of delivering enough traffic to justify the expense and time needed for au ad campaign.

The trick for the advertiser wishing to investigate PPC on niche search engines is to find a niche search engine that has quality, targeted natural listings, because their visitors will consider a paid ad valid if they value the utility of the search engine itself.

On the other hand, it a niche search engine’s organic results bring up too many listings unrelated to the original search term, perhaps due to a lack of advertisers and few or no partnerships with content-rich search engines, it is questionable that your ROI from an ad campaign will be sufficient.

For example, a fast-growing type of niche search engine deals with fitness. The topic of fitness is one that most people arc concerned about to sonic extent or another, and fitness-related search engines have sprung up and began to attract advertisers via pay-per-click options.

For example, www.fitness.com offers pay-per-click listings within its directory-style search engine starting at 5 cents per click with a $50 deposit.

Even though it is a niche search engine, this fitness-related site offers real-time statistics and the ability to change your keywords at any time, with only a couple of days to get your ad online.

Niche search engines should be a part of your marketing campaign if your product/service fits into a certain category.

Many places on the Internet have listings of niche search engines specific to particular industries, and you may find that your ROI from such a source is equal to, and sometimes better than, competing fit the general market.

People who are very interested in a specific industry, be it a type of product or an interest or hobby, such as fitness, weddings, collectibles, travel, or genealogy research, will look for niche search engines or hear of them from fellow enthusiasts.

If the search engine is well organized, attractive, and returns relevant results, those visitors will come back again and again.

If you decide to investigate niche search engines, do ensure that the results are relevant and content-rich by doing sonic investigation on your own before committing to any PPC campaign.

Without quality results, a niche engine has little chance of being a good place to put your advertising dollars, because traffic will be too low to provide enough conversions to justify your time investment.

Niche search engines can be just one more tool in your arsenal of putting together a PPC campaign.

You can concentrate on a larger search engine if you find your ROI is good with them, then experiment with sonic niche search engines to see if they are worth investing more ad dollars in.

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