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KeywordMax is a division of Direct Response Technologies, Inc., and is a web-based product.

During 2004, the product was improved with added reports on number of click throughs, number of sales or leads, sales revenue, ad spending (if any), conversion rate, and ROI. Tracking of offline ads is available as a custom feature.

Unfortunately, if you use log files, there is a one-day delay before you can view reports based on the data.

Using cookies and Java-based code, KeywordMaxTM, offers data feeds from PPC, search engines Google AdWords, FindWhat, Yahoo, Ah-Ha, and Kanoodle.

The four major features include “ROI Tracker,” which handles all types of online campaigns, including shopping sites.

“Click Auditor” only uses IP addresses to detect fraud, but does offer to send an email to your competitors to capture their IP address.

“Bid Director” manages your keywords aggressively from every aspect, including offering currently controversial jamming and gap surfing.

Keyword Builder” suggests alternative keywords and then estimates how much traffic you can expect, based on data from Google and Yahoo.

Available reports are very appealing visually, but do not include all expected data. You call track all factors, including leads, and compare the performance of multiple PPC search engines.

Reports can also be sorted by keywords, landing pages, different search engines, and so on. Novices may find the reports difficult, at first.

Two main products are available. The first, “Merchant Standard” ($99/month), does not include “Bid Director” and is limited to 75,000 clicks/month and one domain name, although you can add extra domains at $10 each and pay for additional clicks.

The second, “Merchant Pro” ($199/month), doubles the number and type of clicks to 150,000 per month (clicks counted are only bid change activity and ROI clicks, which oddly are described as “ROI Tracker tracks each visitor to your site as 1 click”).

Extra clicks and domains cost the same as in the standard version. From here, you call choose from two agency-related packages at up to $999/month, whose major advantage is branding tracking.

A page that that compares the KeywordMaxTM features is interesting, but only includes Yahoo Search Marketing and GoToast (now Atlas OnePoint), and doesn’t Include other, more relevant competitors.

A handy resources page provides links to three free SAO tools, as well as articles on various topics.
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