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Keyword Matching Options

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Let’s use the Google keyword matching options program as an example of targeting keywords. Other search engines offer comparable setups.

Google offers three basic choices:

·        Broad Match

·        Phrase Match

·        Exact Match

The default is Broad Match, which means that if your business only sells microwave ovens and you choose this two-word combination as a keyword, your ad may appear on results pages where users entered either the word “microwave” or the word “ovens.”

If you are selling a fairly common item, not only may the keyword cost be high for such a match, but the results will be much less targeted than you would like and you may wind up with a lot of unproductive clicks on your ad.

A much more productive option in the Google model is to use Phrase Match and/or Exact Match.

For Phrase Match, put quotation marks around your keywords as you enter them. Your ad will then only be shown when a searcher uses the entire phrase in word order, although you still may be shown on results page for search terms that contain words in addition to ‘microwave ovens,’ such as those specifying wattage or color.

However, ads dealing only with microwave related subjects will no longer appear.  You will receive fewer responses from searchers, but those who do see your ad will be interested specifically in microwave ovens (rather than any other kind of microwave product or type of oven).

Phrase matching more closely tit-gets your audience and brings you results that arc more likely to lead to conversion.

Exact Match is even more restricting. By entering your keywords with brackets around them (e.g., [microwave ovens]) you ensure that your ad will only appear when a searcher uses that exact phrase, in that exact word order, and with no additional words in the query.

Depending upon your business, and the number of words you include in the phrase. Exact Match can be so restrictive that you will show up very infrequently on results pages.

Let’s presume that you only sell microwave ovens that arc blue in color. If you use exact Match with the phrase [blue Microwave ovens], you arc likely to receive far fewer clicks because you have targeted your market so closely.

However, those that you do receive are more likely to convert into buyers because they have found someone selling exactly what they want.

Another keyword option available on search engines is called Negative Keywords. These arc keywords that are preceded by the negative sign (-).

Negative keywords ensure that your ad does not appear if those words are included in the search phrase.

For example, if you don’t sell blue microwave ovens, using the word “¬blue” as a negative keyword will ensure that anyone typing in a search for “blue microwave ovens” will not see your ad.

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