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International PPC Search Engines

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Although many advertisers in the United States think there is little value in investing ad dollars in PPC search engines in the international market, research shows that this is quickly changing.

Several events in 2004 in the search engine marketplace helped increase the interest in placing PPC ads on international search engines.

For one thing, Google and Yahoo operate search engines in a large number of countries throughout the world.

Although you may think that you cannot compete in an international marketplace, there is definitely a market for U.S. products from consumers abroad.

It may not be a large source of sales, but keyword costs can be lower in such markets, thus your overall conversion rate may be worth the investment.

In addition, the acquisition of Espotting, a United-Kingdom based on search engine, in 2004 by FindWhat, and its subsequent merging of international listing options into their PPC program, offered a simple and familiar way to experiment in the international market. Mirago.com also offers a robust international presence.

Some advertisers just do not want to become involved in the additional factors involved in international sales, but if your company already has an international presence, pay-per-click advertising for international websites is a natural fit.

Most search engines offering international placement only do so for countries that are English-speaking, at this point.

There is a valid reason for this-if your PPC ad in Korean entices someone to click on your ad and they are taken to an English-only website, it is doubtful that the ad will be appreciated by the visitor, which can rebound, not just on the advertiser, but on the search engine’s reputation.

Therefore, if you plan to explore the PPC market in non-English- speaking search engines, be sure that your website has an excellent mirror site in the language(s) of the country you are targeting.

The Spanish/Hispanic market is currently positioned for huge growth. Therefore, experimenting on Spanish-based PPC search engines with a professionally translated mirror website may be quite effective.

The Hispanic population in the United States is becoming such a significant and growing part of the market that expansion into Spanish version of your website and involvement in Latin American search engines is following suit.

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