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The Google affiliate program (Google AdSense) offers ads placed on your website along one side or via a Google search box on your site.

There is no additional cost to join Google AdSense, and you can opt out of content search if you wish.

Once you provide the relevant information to Google, there is usually a 2-3 day turnaround period (mostly for them to verify and check out your website) to be approved. You can terminate the relationship at any time.

Although you receive a percentage of the revenue that each click on these ads or the search box generates, Google does not disclose what that percentage is.

Over time, as you analyze the data in their reports, which indicates the total number of page impressions, ad clicks, clickthrough rate, effective CPM, and total earnings, you will be able to assess its effectiveness for you.

Google also offers a separate referral program, through which you receive a flat fee of $20 for each advertiser or publisher you refer to Google.

Checks for the referral program are sent out monthly, but only after your total reaches $100.

Your referred advertiser must spend $20 or more on their Google AdWords campaign. You can also refer other websites to Google AdSense and earn your commission once they have earned $75 or more from clicks in Google AdSense.

The Terms and Conditions Agreement clearly lays out what types of activity you are allowed to engage in, but doesn’t go into as much detail as some of the smaller PPC search engines do about specific aspects of their major policies.

The penalty for breaking the rules is immediate termination of your affiliate account.

Google goes a little further than other search engines, by stipulating that you not reveal any details of the program, such as the method of tracking URLs, etc., for a full two-year period after either you or Google terminates your relationship.

The Google program is very easy to use and understand. Despite the mystery concerning the details of what percentage your commission will be, as the leading PPC search engine, Google is a leader in the affiliate marketplace.

If you already advertise on Google AdWords, and have a smaller business, affiliation with Google can bring a healthy stream of extra revenue.

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