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ePilot, the PPC search engine arm of Interchange Corporation, concentrates on a system of referrals (which they sometimes still call affiliates) and partnerships for their advertisers, rather than an affiliate program like Google, where you serve up ads on your own website.

ePilot’s referral program is very easy to understand and participate in. For each advertiser that you refer to the search engine that is accepted, you will receive a commission equal to 10 percent of the total initial deposit made by that advertiser, as long as the deposit is over $99.99.

Only the first deposit counts, however. Subsequent deposits made to the advertiser’s account do not result in any commission paid to you.

Payments are made on the 15th, day of each month. Commissions must have reached an amount of at least 599.99 in order to be paid out. ePilot limits its referral program to a year-long term.

The opportunity to become an ePilot partner by placing advertising for the PPC search engine on your website is more complex, because relationships have to be worked out individually and are dependent on your applicability to interchange’s plans and programs.

Their Advertising Network Program currently consists of over 290 properties, with hundreds of thousands of advertisers in the search engine’s network of partners.

ePilot also offers a Search Distribution Partner Program, which allows you to earn a percentage of each paid click that comes from traffic on your website.

Eligibility requirements include having traffic only from Canada or the United States and a minimum of 100,000 hits per month. You also must have a means of filtering out fraudulent clicks that meets their standards.

All in all, the restrictions make it difficult to partner with ePilot if you are a smaller business.

However, given the enormous changes in the search engine since its acquisition by Interchange, alterations to their affiliate/partnership opportunities are likely to be made as they increasingly reflect Interchange’s overall online goals.

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