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ClickTracks identifies itself as a “visitor behavior analysis tool” with a broad base of tracking products.

ClickTracks offers a large number of visual demos, and tutorials on the features of the different versions of the product, as well as extremely useful free webinars that allow advertisers to see all the product’s features (not all of which are included in the free trial version).

Reports are the strong suit of ClickTracks. While viewing a report, your live website appears, with percentage-style statistical analysis tags superimposed on the various links on your site.

Clicking on one will bring up all relevant details related to the type of report you are viewing, be it navigation or a total site overview.

The software compresses log files when importing your data, so different factors can be added to and recalculated within seconds, in any report.

“Labels” is a key feature, allowing you to identify a group of visitors and analyze their activity based on specific behavioral actions.

For example, you can drill down to data on visitors who spent only a short time on your site, seeing where they went, how they entered your site and from which page they left, all of which may prompt you to experiment with the website to see if you can change visitors’ behavior.

You can view different label groups side-by-side in reports.

A nice feature is the ability to keep some IP addresses out of the dataset, allowing you to exclude employee clicks while they are working on the site.

In addition, ClickTracks Way, which offers contextual-based tips on each page, can be enabled or disabled quickly.

Late in 2004, ClickTracks added the ability to track metrics on email marketing, exit tracking (did the visitor exit or just click on an external link), and regional geographic data, which can be set at city level.

ClickTracks admits that integration with shopping sites and shopping carts can be problematic (especially for novices) because of extra coding needed.

They advise you to contact your shopping cart provider to achieve proper integration.

ClickTracks offers direct downloads of Yahoo and Google data, while for other search engines, you may choose to use either raw data logs or hosting data.

Your choice affects pricing-choosing log files means you pay a flat purchase price; choosing hosting results in a monthly fee.

Although pursuing the small-to-medium-sized business market, cost remains an issue. Users do not have access to key items, such as ROI and cookie tracking, or to multiple domains, unless they use the “professional” versions, costing $179 per month for the hosted version (versus a flat $2,995 for your own web server).

The lowest price is $49/month for Analyzer Hosted, a much less robust tool. ClickTracks is definitely an excellent product, but price remains a stumbling block for many PPC advertisers.

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