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Branding and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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One of the goals of every form of advertising is to increase the positive perception that a customer has of the company they purchase products from.

If enough people know a company’s name and what it stands for, a product (or the company itself) may reach the position where it is generally considered a brand name in a specific marketplace.

Many advertisers believe that only large corporations (such as Microsoft, Nike, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and so on) have the opportunity to become brand-name advertisers.

But in fact, small-to-medium-sized businesses can also become involved in branding their product with the expectation of success, especially in the online world.

Why would this be the case? In a word-cost. Advertising online via pay-per-click search engines is vastly cheaper than advertising in the offline world, yet research shows that the online world reaches, and is used by, a significant proportion of consumers.

It’s also interesting to note that, according to an estimate by Piper Jaffray, the average cost of making a sale on the Internet is approximately $7-$1O, while Yellow pages ads cost $15-$25 per customer, email marketing cost $40-$80, and direct mail call go as high as $6O-$80.

In other words, it’s not just cheaper, but more effective too. Granted, this data varies from one industry to another, but it does portray the proportionate breakdown between different advertising techniques.

Pay-per-click advertising, local search for PPC ads, contextual search ads, etc., and demographics showing that the most-likely-to-buy consumer as one who is also highly interested in the Internet, now is the time to use these tools and options to build a brand identity for yourself in your niche market-no matter how small your company or online presence is.

Of course, the prime driver for branding your product or company is repeat buyers. Without the same people buying your products over and over again, and thus becoming familiar with and valuing your products, it is difficult to obtain the sales or the most valuable “word of mouth” factor needed to achieve notoriety online.

If you are successful at branding your product or company, you have, in effect, differentiated it from any other company selling the same product or service.

Consumers view branded products as superior because they equate a higher value to them over the same product from a different company.

In fact, the further you can remove your branded product from its competitors in terms of identity via name, packaging, advertising approach, or any number of other factors, the less likely it is that a consumer will purchase a substitute product instead of yours.

Therefore, if you wish to enter into branding online, you must focus on more than converting a visitor to a buyer-you must also get your company’s message and values through to prospects and clients.

The goal is to give them such a positive impression of our company that they will remember and mention your name as a possible source for others who are seeking the same product.

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