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BidRank is a management tool that has been available for many years from Roofers Engineering in Wisconsin.

BidRank is a stand-alone piece of soft-ware, so there is no monthly fee, but the user pays for software upgrades.

BidRank is available in two formats. The first, appropriately called “BidRank for Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing),” only manages keywords in the Overture PPC environment, not just in the U.S., but also in a select number of countries in Europe and elsewhere.

The second product, “BidRank plus,” supports keyword management ill the following search engines: Searchfeed, Xuppa, Enhance Interactive, Kanoodle, FindWhat, Espotting, Mirago (in certain countries), Lifetips, 411web, BrainFox and Que Pasa!.

Pricing for each of the products is also different. The Yahoo version (with the Yahoo official seat of approval) ranges from $129 for 50 keywords to $999 for up to 10,000 keywords. For BidRauk Plus, the price ranges from $119 for up to 50 keywords to $699 for up to 10,000 keywords.

The user may wonder why they would need BidRank, given that Yahoo Search Marketing itself has various keyword bidding options, including an auto-bidding function.

BidRank maintains that it is because they go beyond Yahoo by allowing bidding by rank and gap surfing, while Yahoo will only auto bid to your maximum amount.

BidRank allows the user to access Yahoo Marketing Console via BidRank itself.

Marketing Console is basically an ROI tool and is also offered at various pricing levels, depending upon the number of leads generated. BidRank also offers a toolbar with a link to news and information from BidRank, such as news releases, user tips, upcoming scheduled downtimes, and so on.

Users seem to like BidRank. It has a reputation for excellent customer service, which is very important to people involved in any type of marketing.

Aside from its convincing on-site testimonials, their management keeps a close eye on user forums and responds to any complaints they see by implementing changes -I very effective -way of keeping customers satisfied.

Directions are clear and the interface is direct and easy to follow. The website itself is quite informative and customer service is quick and efficient.

BidRank is on the expensive side, however, so be sure this will work for your particular type and style of ad campaigns before purchase.

BidRank offers a 15-day trial offer of a fully functional version of the basic package of up to 50 keywords, with a usage of once every 15 minutes.
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