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Atlas OnePoint

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Atlas OnePoint (formerly GoToast) is a management tool that offers online solutions for many different aspects of online marketing, not just pay per click.

The PPC-related products offered arc BidManager and ProfifBuilder, the latter covering ROI tracking and web analytics.

BidManager is a robust tool that allows bidding control across more than 30 search engines, which includes major properties as well as a sampling of Yahoo and the foreign engines of Mirago.

Results are fed to Atlas, and then BidManager automatically reviews and adjusts your bids across all the engines you have chosen, making strategic bids that help keep you in the same position.

BidManager is arguably the best tool currently available for auto bidding that is not dependent or built into the PPC search engine you are using.

Its Rules-Based Bidding feature lets you customize your bidding to include up to 18 very aggressive variables, including a bidding war component that will apparently deal with “attacks” on your bids.

Analysis of 50,000 page views using ProBuilder is included in any BidManager account, obviously to encourage the advertiser to add that service once the page views have been used up.

ProfitBuilder adds functionality onto ROI, including total visitors, total sales, total cost, average cost per sale, average cost per click, average sale, conversions and conversion percentage, and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

You can also look at details of the path visitors took through your site and on shopping cart sessions that were not completed.

The analytics provided allow you to sort the data by parameters such as date range, different search engines, different ranks within the PPC ad block, and individual PPC promotions.

All of this is extremely powerful and useful information, and it is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Cost begins at $49.95/mouth for 50,000 page views and increases in increments of page views to a maximum of $1,499.95/month for up 5 million page views/month.

A $75 set-up fee is included in the cost of the products, if you need assistance with placing tracking code.

Both products provide detailed reporting features and email reports. They are offered in packages, but custom packages can be set up.

The Beginner package is really just basic BidManager (after comparing the costs) and offers 100 bid reviews across to engines and tit) to 50,000 ProfitBuilder page views for $79.95/month.

The next package up includes all the Atlas products and costs $649.90/month. Atlas does offer a 14-day, free trial of their products, which is well worth experimenting with to see how the product can be integrated into your ad campaigns and how it performs for you specific circumstances.

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