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Affiliate, Referral, and Partnership Opportunities

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Another aspect of pay-per-click advertising is the opportunity to actually transform it into a moneymaking enterprise for yourself.

Search engines offer affiliate programs, referral programs, and partnership opportunities that are not restricted to only those who use their advertising services.

Almost anyone with a website can become an affiliate (often now called “referrer”) or partner with a number of pay-per-click search engines.

Basically, via these type of programs, you allow the search engine to place advertising of some kind on your website in exchange for a payment made each time a visitor to your website clicks on one of the ads or conducts an online search using the PPC search engine’s box that is placed on your homepage.

Different solutions are available, based on the amount of traffic your website receives.

There are many different ways to become an affiliate or partner. In fact, although some basic rules apply to most programs, each PPC search engine has its own details and requirements.

Some are quite strict in who they allow to be affiliates; others are less stringent about who is accepted into their programs.

Nevertheless, if you decide to pursue this route, you will need to provide data about your website, such as average number of visitors, which countries your website serves, what your revenue is, and so on.

Increasingly, search engines are outsourcing their affiliate management to third-party affiliate organizations.

Most popular among the PPC search engines now is Commission Junction, which defines an affiliate as “an independent party, or Web site that promotes the products or services of an advertiser in exchange for a commission.”

Some businesses should look into the option of becoming an affiliate, unless you feel strongly about not offering any paid advertising or another company’s name on your website.

The amount of effort required to set up the process is minimal and the rewards are pretty good.

The top pay-per-click search engines offer a relatively representative look at different types of programs available for affiliates or partners, so a review of each one’s offerings should help you decide if (and where) you want to enter this arena.

Please click on the list below to learn more about them.

1. Google (www.ppcbook.info/adsense)
2. Yahoo Search Marketing (www.ppcbook. info /yahoo)
3. ePilotTM (www.ppcbook.info/epilot)
4. Searchfeed (www.ppcbook.info/searchfeed)
5. 7Search (www.ppcbook.info/7search)
6. Search123 (www.ppcbook.info/search123)

7. FindWhat (www.ppcbook.info/findwhat)

8. Kanoodle (www.ppcbook.info/kanoodle)
9. Enhance Interactive (www.ppcbook.info/enhance)

10. Best keyword tool (http://keyworddonkey.com/)

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