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7Search offers a slightly different affiliate and referral program. Affiliates use a 7Search search box (which pays 5 cents per qualified click), join the Pay Per Text program (puts linked text on your site that takes the visitor to a search results page based on keywords in the text, for a 40% commission), and receive 1 cent for each click on a site-based 7Search browser toolbar.

Accessory Ads places actual ads from others on your site, but via category, to ensure that a competitor’s ad does not appear.

Five layout options and color choices are available. With specializations in gaming, dating, travel, and website ownership advertising, some affiliates may not wish to participate in this program.

If you do take part, you are encouraged to create “zones” of ads, which pay 60% of the revenue from their traffic.

The usual referral system pay 10% on all ad spends for one year after the referred advertiser signs on with 7Search.

The main reseller program is ValidatedSite Reseller, where you receive 30% of recurring revenue.

Overall, the options offered by 7Search are subject to some fairly strict rules, including ensuring not only that affiliates, but also servers, managers, and owners, are from English -speaking countries.

No more than 25% of an affiliate’s traffic can come from non-English speaking countries.

Methodologies of calculating affiliate performance are not based strictly on actual traffic, but use “traffic and condition counters and ratios that compare you to the rest of our clients.”

So, if your traffic looks to 7Search as if it may contain click fraud, they will pull you from the program.

Using cookies, 7Search monitors your affiliate activity, and will terminate your account for inactivity, based on unspecified parameters from an analysis of ratios of clicks versus page views.

Many other rules apply; 7Search maintains their “stringent rules” keep costs down. As well, “All traffic to your pages is measured by an independent . . . methodology similar to AC Nielsen TV ratings using several thousand surfers . . . to build a statistically significant sample to calculate a nearly exact number of visitors to your pages,” which implies click numbers aren’t used.

Affiliate payments are monthly, with a minimum balance of $25. Referral checks are issued mid-month.

Some of these variations on affiliate/referral system are worth looking into if you advertise on 7Search, but track your account details to make certain the programs are working for your particular situation.

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